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Cardano current rate is $ 2.140 on the exchange $ 68.06 B. in the last -7.07% fell for 24 hours.

Cardano is a decentralized platform that will enable complex programmed value transfers in a secure and scalable manner. It is one of the first blockchains built in the highly secure Haskell programming language. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform that aims to provide more advanced features than any previously developed protocol. It is the first blockchain platform to emerge from a scientific philosophy and research-driven approach. The development team consists of a large global team of experienced engineers and researchers.

The Cardano project differs from other blockchain projects in that it openly addresses the need for regulatory oversight while maintaining privacy and consumer protection through an innovative software architecture. The protocol has a multi-layered blockchain software stack that is flexible, scalable, and designed to meet the most stringent academic and commercial software standards in the industry.

Cardano will use a democratic governance system that allows the project to grow over time and will fund itself sustainably through a forward-looking treasury system.

Technological innovation
Cardano is the first protocol to include Ouroboros, a groundbreaking proof-of-stake algorithm. The IOHK team used a first-principles approach based on peer-reviewed academic research to build Cardano from the ground up.

The result of this collaborative effort is the first cryptocurrency based on Haskell code, which focuses on an industrial-strength product that provides the resilience needed for mission-critical systems, in this case, securing investments.
Cardano's layered protocol performs advanced functions and has a settlement layer that is elegantly linked to the control layer. The settlement layer will have a unit of account, while the control layer will run smart contracts and be programmed to recognize identity, promote compliance (and, for example, allow blacklisting).

The protocol aims to protect users' privacy rights and also addresses the needs of regulators. That being said, Cardano is the first protocol to balance and effectively balance these requirements, offering a new approach to cryptocurrencies.

The system is also designed to be updated via soft forks, allowing it to adapt to changing needs and evolve quickly when needed. A treasury system is also being established to ensure the sustainability of the protocol.

Cardano is built in a collaborative spirit as it is completely open and patent-free. Designed for efficiency and scalability, the Cardano ecosystem will evolve into the most advanced cryptocurrency ever built.

Conceptual innovation

I. Privacy and regulation
The original Bitcoin blockchain was designed to enable people to directly and anonymously transact with each other without the control of banks and governments. This guarantees the confidentiality of financial transactions - a fundamental right of the individual, but complete anonymity can be counterproductive. Most blockchain projects today are geared towards achieving privacy or regulatory goals. We believe that in order to be effective globally, our blockchain must “square the circle” by finding the right combination of personal privacy protection and regulatory oversight.

II. Management
Public decentralized blockchain projects rely on crowd-based governance models. This allows participants to democratically control the network, which is necessary to build a truly decentralized economy. However, if they are not carefully designed, such governance can go awry. The Bitcoin and Ethereum communities have experienced devastating splits over how to modernize their networks - in the case of Ethereum, which has already caused the split. The Cardano blockchain has a transparent governance model that allows the community to make clear and binding decisions democratically.
iii. Financing
The Cardano blockchain has complex maintenance and development needs and is capable of adequately funding itself in terms of both recurrent costs and new investments.

Token: ADA Voucher
Every blockchain project has a value token, commonly referred to as a cryptocurrency. Ada is a cryptocurrency on the Cardano blockchain. With Ada, holders can exchange data between friends, pay for goods or services, deposit funds on an exchange, or submit orders. To perform a settlement-level transfer, you will need to own Ada or purchase Ada through an exchange. It will also be a native token that will be used in compute-tier applications.

Purse: Daedalus
Each cryptocurrency requires a "wallet" to store Ada. Typically, this wallet is a software application that can be installed on any computer or smartphone. Daedalus is a high-tech wallet with advanced security features that was developed by IOHK specifically for the Cardano blockchain and protects your assets with the most advanced cryptography. In the future, Daedalus will support not only Ada, but other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic and many others.

Cardano Foundation
The main mission of the Cardano Foundation is to standardize, protect and promote the Cardano Protocol technology. The Cardano Foundation acts as the oversight and educational body for Cardano. Our mission:

1. Standardization, protection and promotion of the Cardano protocol and its applications.
2. Be the hub of the community offering authoritative and timely information about Cardano's technology and potential.
3. Liaise with and influence government and regulators, forge strategic partnerships with businesses, enterprises and other open source projects, and help establish official software standards for Cardano, which is critical to its long-term success and is critical for government acceptance and participation

Areas of focus:
1. Cardano Protocol. We act as an unbiased standardization body for the Cardano protocol as it evolves over time.
2. The Cardano Community. We support, develop, and help educate the Cardano Blockchain community. 3. Ecosystem of Cardano. We are working to expand and protect the Cardano ecosystem. This includes promoting Cardano as a platform for commercial organizations and acting as an objective organization for businesses interested in joining Cardano. 4. Serving the wider blockchain community. We strive to influence and develop the evolving commercial and regulatory landscape for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general. We proactively reach out to government and regulators and form strategic partnerships with businesses, enterprises and other open source projects. IOHK Founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood, IOHK is a world-class engineering and technology company committed to leveraging peer-to-peer innovation to deliver financial services to the three billion people who don't have it. The group was contracted to design, build and maintain Cardano until 2020. Emurgo Emurgo is a venture capital creation organization in the Cardano ecosystem with the goal of helping, integrating and developing Cardano blockchain applications. Emurgo reflects the transformative power that blockchain technology is bringing to the developing world. Decentralized applications built on Cardano technology, funded and supported by Emurgo, will have the potential to create revolutionary applications. The IOHK project roadmap has released the settlement layer. This means that you can make trades, trade and buy Ada tokens completely regardless of the level of computation. The goal of the compute layer is to release a beta by Q2018 2019. Once the settlement and compute tiers are up and running, users will be able to set up a custom environment to create decentralized applications on the Cardano stack. In 2020, IOHK intends to work on Cardano's long-term scalability and expand its capabilities. The developers of IOHK are contracted until XNUMX to ensure proper service for Cardano. The goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem that can finance and sustain itself.

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