How to post a trade ad on Binance P2P (in-app)

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Step 1: Click on "Ads", then on the "+" in the upper right corner of the page, or on the "Publish" button to post a trade ad.

Step 2: Select cryptocurrency and fiat currency, set the type of ad (buy or sell), select the type of price. You can choose “floating” or “fixed” price.
Step 3: Set the total trade volume, order limit, and add up to three payment methods for your ad.
Please note that buyers must complete their payment within the payment deadline you set, or the order will be canceled.
Step 4: You can add the following information to your ad:
  • Terms of Sale: Information for users that they will see in your ad before placing an order.
  • Autoresponder: This message will be automatically sent to the counterparty in the chat after he / she places an order.
  • Counterparty Requirements: Users who do not meet the conditions will not be able to place an order.
Step 5: After passing two-factor authentication (2FA), you can post your ad.
Once the ad is published, you can edit it, move it online / offline, and close it.
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