How do I use the Additional Accounts feature?

  1. Do I have access to the Additional Accounts feature?

  • For corporate accounts, the additional accounts function will be enabled automatically;
  • For personal accounts of VIP level 1 or higher, the additional accounts function will also be activated automatically.
  1. What can I do in my main account?
Account Management
You can click on "Create Sub Account" and create up to 1000 additional accounts.
When creating a sub account, please enter the sub account email address and password. You will receive a confirmation email to this address. Only after a successful email confirmation will you be able to activate the additional account.
In the main account, you can "freeze" and "unfreeze" all the functions of the sub account at any time, when necessary. You can also directly change the sub account password.
- Asset Management
Using this tab, you can check the balance of the main account and all additional accounts in BTC or USD equivalent.
In the upper right corner, you can click “Transfer” to transfer assets between your primary and secondary accounts instantly and without commission.
- Order management
You can check the "Open Orders", "History of Orders" and "History of Trade" of all accounts. You can also search by date and trading pair.
- Translation history
You can check the history of funds transfers for all accounts using "Transfer from" and "Transfer to".
- Login history
You can check the entire sub account authorization history by date, IP address and location.
  1. What can I do with additional accounts?
The first time you log in, you will need to set up two-factor verification via Google Authentication or SMS Authentication.
You can check the authorization history of your device and the distribution history of coins / tokens for additional accounts, you can also create your own private API key for trading via API.
  1. Are sub accounts subject to the same commission discounts as the main account?

The VIP level and associated discounts will be based on the cumulative trading volume from all sub accounts and the main account, allowing you to trade with even better commissions.

  1. How do I calculate the referral bonus for an additional account?
All trading volumes of additional accounts will be calculated as the trading volumes of the main account. The commission will be sent to the main account
  1. Do my additional accounts have the same API order limit?
Yes, the limit on the number of orders created using the API for each of your additional accounts is the same, which is 10 orders per second and 100 orders in 000 hours.
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