Binance trading

over 100 different ways to buy and sell

How do I trade on Binance after registration?

On Binance, crypto traders perform millions of trades per day. Each of them once started their way on the stock exchange. Some may even have encountered difficulties in choosing a trading regime. In this article, we will take a quick look at the options for trading on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and the process of depositing / withdrawing digital assets using fiat gateways, so as not to leave a single chance to confusion. This information is relevant both for those who trade on the site and for traders using the application.

How to buy cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange for rubles or hryvnia?

After authorization, you need to make sure that there are digital assets for trading on the balance sheet. Buying cryptocurrency on an exchange takes a few minutes and can be done with fiat money.

Over the past 2 years, a large number of fiat gateways have been implemented on the Binance exchange for buying Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Tether, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. To acquire electronic assets and start trading, you can use:

Bank cards, P2P services and payment platforms can also be used to sell cryptocurrencies. But fees for withdrawing electronic money to fiat may differ from purchase fees (except for transactions through Binance P2P). You should also take into account the minimum amount of transfers using a particular gateway.

Exchange trading methods

Binance cryptocurrency exchange is a Mecca for beginners and experienced traders. The platform presents 5 main trading methods available after registration and balance replenishment:

Binance guarantees fairness and transparency of transactions on the platform, and also continues to implement additional methods of transferring cryptocurrencies to fiat. Already today, traders who use UAH and RUB can easily conduct transactions on the exchange in any trading mode.