Ramadan Kareem with $100,000 BUSD Savings Trial Fund and a Top Prize of $1,442!

In celebration of the Ramadan festival,

Binance P2P is giving away

$100,000 BUSD Savings Trial Fund and a top prize of $1,442 BUSD to our users who celebrate!

Activity period: 2021-04-23 12:00 PM (UTC) — 2021-04-30 11:59 AM (UTC)
Promotion A: Buy crypto via Binance P2P to get $500 BUSD Savings Trial Fund
During the activity period, the first 2,000 users who buy crypto worth $30 and above on Binance P2P will get 500 BUSD Savings Trial Fund each!
This promotion applies to new and existing users who have not yet traded on Binance P2P.
Promotion B: Trade on Binance P2P to win $1,442 BUSD
During the activity period, users who complete a trade worth $100 and above will get a raffle ticket to a lucky draw. We’ve prepared the following top prizes for 5 winners:
Top prize (1 winner) 1,442 BUSD cash voucher
Grand prize (4 winners) 50 BUSD cash voucher each
This promotion applies to all P2P traders. The lucky draw winners will be selected based on the

Binance Chain hash value at 11:59:59 PM (UTC) on 2021-04-30. Click here to view the lucky draw rules.

Further readings:
  • How to buy crypto via Binance P2P
  • How to sell crypto via Binance P2P
Terms and conditions:
  • The promotions only apply to the following fiat currencies made available on Binance P2P: AED, BDT, BHD, DZD, EGP, KHR, KWD, LBP, LKR, MAD, OMR, PKR, QMR, SAR, TND, TRY
  • Eligible users are limited to one reward per Binance account, and the higher-value reward applies. For example, if a user wins both $500 BUSD Savings Trial Fund and $1,442 BUSD, he/she will receive $1,442 BUSD.
  • Promotion A applies to takers (non-advertisers) only; promotion B applies to both makers (advertisers) and takers.
  • After the lucky draw is complete, winners will be reached out via email (p2p@binance.com) by the Binance P2P team within three days. If winners do not reply in seven days, they will be considered forfeiting their rewards.
  • Rewards will be distributed within 14 business days after the event concludes. Users will be able to log in and redeem vouchers via Account > Reward Center. Read

    How to Redeem a Cash Voucher for more details.

  • The Savings Trial Fund entitles users to receive BUSD interest in their Binance Savings Account based on the APY of 7-day BUSD Flexible Savings product. The vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be sold. Read How to Redeem Savings Trial Funds for more details.
  • Binance will use the fiat currency to USD foreign exchange rate at 2021-04-30 00:00 AM (UTC) for the calculation of trading volume.
  • Binance reserves the right to disqualify trades that are deemed to be wash trades or illegal bulk registration accounts, self-dealing or display attributes of market manipulation, etc.
  • Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at our sole discretion.
: Your use of the Binance P2P services and all information and other content (including that of third parties) included in or accessible from the Binance P2P services is at your sole risk. Our only responsibility is to handle your payment transaction. All payments are final upon completion unless otherwise required by law. Binance P2P platform has neither the rights nor the obligations to resolve any disputes arising from a completed payment. Neither Binance P2P platform nor merchants shall be responsible for your loss in a completed payment.
Binance reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.
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