Top up / Recharge Card Wallet

1. How do I add currency to my Card Wallet?

You may transfer funds from your Spot Wallet to the Card Wallet by following these steps. Firstly, please login to your account. Thereafter, navigate to the Card Wallet. Then press the “Transfer” button. You will be able to transfer funds within your daily Card Wallet Transfer Limits. The transfer will be instant and available for immediate use.
Currently the Card Wallet supports EUR, BNB, BTC, BUSD and SXP balances for further conversion and spending with your Binance Card.
2. How do I use the currencies that are on my Card wallet on my Binance Card?
Binance Card enables the real time conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currency on the Card Wallet. Only fiat currency will be used on the Card itself and Binance will handle all of these conversions. EUR can be directly spent from your Card Wallet.
3. Auto Top-up
You may enable auto top-up for your card wallet to make sure that your balance is refilled daily and after every successful transaction. Just turn the selector for the Auto Top-up on (located at top of the card wallet section), then confirm the pop up message. You may specify the Min Balance, so in a case that If your card wallet balance becomes below the Min Balance after you made a purchase with your Binance Card, our system will make an automatic transfer from the spot wallet to the card wallet to make sure that the balance of your Card Wallet is equal to the Min Balance, which you specified before.
You may change the Min Balance by clicking Edit to specify the desired value and then confirm the change in the Auto top-up section.
Min Balance can be specified in the range between EUR 10 — EUR 250.
Auto top-up is performed by our system in the following cases:
  • Just after you enabled it, if the current Card Wallet balance is less than the specified Min Balance
  • After each successful transaction, if the current Card Wallet balance is less than the specified
  • Everyday around 2 am GMT, if the current Card Wallet balance is less than the specified
The sequence of the currencies for this auto top-up transfer are the same as you set in the card wallet for the spending currencies.
If there is not enough funds in your spot wallet to make the Auto Top-up in full then our system will make partial transfer to refill your card wallet.
You may track Auto Top-up transfers in the Wallet Transfers tab, which you can find in the Transactions History.
You may turn off the Auto Top-up feature any time, simply by switching off the selector.
4. Direct top-up of the Binance Card
A direct EUR top-up of your Binance Card by third party payment service providers is not currently supported. Please do not send EUR directly to your Binance Card using external payment service providers, as these funds will not be credited to your Binance Card balance. Should you have any queries, please contact our customer support.
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