Making payments

1. How does Binance Card work?

Binance Card enables real time cryptocurrency to fiat currency conversion, enabling you to spend your crypto assets with merchants globally. Binance will aggregate the value of your Card Wallet based on the market prices of your cryptocurrency. This aggregated balance will be displayed in the currency that the card is in (e.g: Euros). When you use your Card, this Card Wallet Balance will be your available balance to spend.
2. In which order does the Binance Card use my cryptocurrency in the Card Wallet?
The Binance Card uses an aggregate value of all your cryptocurrency to make purchases based on the order in the Card Wallet. To select a different order than the standard default order, please follow these instructions. Firstly, please login to your account. Thereafter, navigate to the Card Wallet. You can now drag and drop the cryptocurrencies to select which order of liquidation and usage you want to set. The Card Wallet will now use this new order when using your Card.
3. Will my card decline if I have a Cryptocurrency set as the priority that does not have enough funds to use for my purchase?
As long as your Card Wallet aggregated balance is equal to or greater than the amount the merchant is attempting to charge, the transaction should not be declined. Binance will use all available cryptocurrency in the order you selected, or left on default, to complete the transaction.
4. Where can I use my Binance Card?
You may use your Binance Card anywhere in the world that accepts the network associated with your Card. Since Binance works with numerous networks globally, please check your Cardholder agreement to identify the network the Card in your region supports (e.g: Visa).
5. How do I withdraw Cash from my Binance Card?
The Binance Card generally allows you to withdraw cash from an ATM within the ATM limit as long as you are in a region that supports cash withdrawals. Please visit your nearest ATM and follow the instructions on the ATM to withdraw cash. You will need your PIN (about how to view the PIN, you may refer to

Checking card details).

6. When funds will be returned to my Card wallet in a case when transaction is declined.
If the transaction is declined after the funds were deducted from your card wallet, e.g. due to some issues of the ATM terminal (out of Binance control), these funds will be returned in EUR equivalent back to you card wallet within 2 hours after the decline.
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