Fees and Limits

1. What are my Binance Card limits?

You can view your Binance Card limits on the Cardholder agreement or on the Binance.com Card Wallet as shown below:

Your today’s spendings is shown with the bold font (circled in red) and total daily limit is shown with the plain font (circled in blue).
Daily spending limits for your Binance card are as follows:
  • Virtual Card — EUR 870
  • Physical Card — EUR 8,700
Daily ATM limit is EUR 290
2. Card Fees
Transaction fee, both at point of sale and ATM withdrawals*
up to 0.9%
First issue of the virtual or physical card
Reissue of the virtual card
Reissue of the physical card
EUR 25
Inactivity (12 months)
Account closure
*Please note that some third party service and network fees may apply.
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